Kirkland Lake Gold, NT
Management of critical minesite water balance, control systems and active riverine discharge systems.

Minesite Water Management

Mt Magnet Gold, WA
Surface water and potable water management plans, closure strategies and mining proposals. Annual aquifer reviews, operating strategies, environmental reviews and hydrogeochemical studies. Minesite water data management.

AngloGold Ashanti Australia, Tropicana Gold Mine, WA
Water balance studies leading to a better understanding of minesite water losses and optimisation of water use. Water management plans, hydrogeological studies, aquifer mapping and modelling, and borefield optimisation. Annual aquifer reviews, operating strategies and minesite water data management.

Water Balance Projects

Bomboré Gold Project, Burkina Faso
Due diligence study, mainly focussed on water balance, including steam flow capture, groundwater supplies and mine dewatering.

Mt Magnet Gold, WA
Setup of a water balance model for the entire mining operation using the GoldSim development software. Surface runoff calculations using pit lake water balances. Town water supply borefield impact assessments using a surface runoff water balance model. Support for mining proposals, pit bund wall designs, stream flow catchment schemes and closure planning.

AngloGold Ashanti Australia, Tropicana Gold Mine, WA
Setup of a water balance model for the entire mining operation using the GoldSim development software.

Territory Iron, Frances Creek, NT
Water and mass balance modelling of a multi-mine operation in a riverine environment, for both mining and closure phases.


Independence Group Organisation, Nova Nickel, WA
Minesite water balance to track monthly water sources, users, consumption rates, water storage losses and recycling initiatives.

Mine Closure Studies

Mt Magnet Gold, WA
Contributions to the mine closure plan, including forecasting pit lake water levels and aquifer groundwater quality. Mining proposals with comments on closure issues.

NSR, Paulsen’s Find, WA
Contributions to closure plan.

Territory Iron, Frances Creek, NT
Determine pit water levels during the care and maintenance phase of the operation. Waste rock dump landscape design to optimise infiltration and surface water run-off rates.

Creasy Group, WA
Strategic groundwater exploration plans.

Element 25, WA
Groundwater exploration contribution to a PFS study.

Independence Group Organisation, Nova Nickel, WA
Exploration and construction of several borefields to support the Nova Nickel Mine. Targeting focussed on bedrock structures underlying low grade palaeochannels. These combined both permeability and storage to provide a successful groundwater resource.

Cameco, Yeelirrie, WA
Contributions to the PFS study. Review of groundwater modelling and options for alternative water resources and bore construction estimates.

Nickel West, All Sites, WA
Annual statutory reporting at Mt Keith and Leinster.

Regis Resources, WA
Planning and supervision of groundwater exploration programs in palaeochannel, saprolite and fractured rock environments. Dewatering investigations at the Moolart Well Gold Deposit.

Water Exploration & Supply

Heron Resources, WA
Exploration for groundwater supplies in palaeochannel tributary environments and long-term strategic planning.

Newmont, WA
Review of groundwater resources and water harvesting opportunities.

Ramelius Resources, Mt Magnet, WA
Strategic water exploration planning, borefield rehabilitation and tailings storage seepage studies for the Mt Magnet Gold Operations.

Aphrodite Gold, WA
Review of mine dewatering strategies and review of the status of existing borefields.

AngloGold Ashanti Australia, Tropicana Gold Mine, WA
Exploration for additional groundwater supplies for the mining operation. Bore construction and bore rehabilitation supervision. Set up water management and bore maintenance procedures and documentation.

CSBP, Kwinana, WA
Optimisation of groundwater supplies for the CSBP fertiliser plant.

Image Resources, Boonanarring Mineral Sand Deposit, WA
Exploration and licensing of a groundwater resources in the Yarragadee Aquifer, northern Perth Basin. Installation of a large capacity test production bore.

Mine Dewatering

Eastern Goldfields, WA
Dewatering analysis to support several gold mining proposals.

Territory Iron, Frances Creek, NT
Optimisation of the final stages of mine dewatering.

Nickel West, All Sites, WA
Mine dewatering studies at Yakabindie, Harmony and Camelot.

Sorskiy GOK LLC, Agaskirskoye Cu Mo Project, East Siberia
Review of dewatering requirements for CSA Global.

Argunskoye Uranium Deposit, Russia
Review of mine dewatering plan, risks and water requirements for CSA Global.

CJSC TK Geo Resource, Kurandailyau Gold Project, Kyrgyzstan
Review of technical hydrology reports for CSA Global, Completion of a gap analysis that included groundwater resources, mine dewatering, environmental issues, hydrochemistry and water balance.

Crescent Gold, Laverton, WA
Investigation of mine dewatering requirements for several gold mines near Laverton. Groundwater flow modelling to determine potential dewatering rates from the Apollo Open Pit.

Oceana Gold, Philippines
Development of a flow model for the assessment of mine dewatering requirements at the Didipio Gold-Copper Deposit.

Regis Resources, WA
Mine dewatering investigations, drilling, flow testing and groundwater modelling in a fractured rock environment.

Archipelago Resources, Vietnam
Groundwater and surface water balance modelling at the Co Dinh Chromite Deposit. Groundwater flow modelling, catchment runoff studies, stream flows, piezometer installation and testing.

Ozernovskoye Gold Project, Kamchatka, Far East Russia
Gap analysis for a JORC ore reserve study for CSA Global. Definition of potential dewatering requirements and environmental impacts from a fractured rock system that receives recharge from intermittent seasonal snow melt.

LionOre, WA
Review of the mine dewatering requirements and mapping of aquifers at the Wedgetail Nickel Deposit, Honeymoon Well Project, WA.

Indophil Resources, Philippines
Water management plan for the Tampakan Copper-Gold Project. Comprehensive review of all water issues, including mine dewatering, water supply, acid rock drainage, storm impacts, community water supply impacts and seepage control. Set up work programs for pre-development studies including a dewatering investigation drilling program. Development of a flow model to determine mine dewatering requirements.

Red5 Limited, Philippines
Water management module for the Siana Gold Mine scoping, pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility studies. Mine dewatering investigations. Management of baseline environmental water monitoring surveys. Established potable water supplies for the local community. Development of a groundwater flow model to determine mine dewatering requirements. Developed a surface water flow model to determine potential stream flows, drainage channel designs, culverts and bridge designs.

Eastern Goldfields, WA
Several catchment runoff studies to support gold mining proposals.

Mt Magnet Gold, WA
Catchment yield studies, pit water level modelling, risk assessments and determination of future impacts on local water supplies.

Territory Iron, Frances Creek, NT
Evaluation of catchment runoff characteristics for the site water balance.

Surface Water Evaluation

Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter and Kambalda Nickel Concentrator, WA
Review of surface water issues and contributions to reviews of groundwater issues. Determination of peak water discharges and assessment of risk to neighbouring properties.

Mundaring Weir Catchment, WA
Accurate measurement of stream flows using an Ultrasonic Doppler Velocity meter. Measurement of stream salinity and calculation of salt loads to the Mundaring Reservoir.

Red 5 Limited, Philippines
Groundwater flow modelling for open pit and underground gold mining operations. Bore design, drilling, supervision and flow testing. Culvert, bridge crossing and plant site drainage design.

Archipelago Resources, Vietnam
Diversion channel design.

Water in the Environment

CSBP, Kwinana, WA
Routine groundwater sampling and monitoring.

Minara Resources, WA
Assessment of risk to the environment from tailings storage facilities, design of seepage recovery borefields, set up programs for water supply borefields and review of environmental management plans.

Kwinana, WA
· Annual environmental groundwater reviews.
· Mass balance and modelling studies, modelling included construction of a 3-dimensional, density driven, flow and solute transport model.

Tronox, WA
Annual statutory reporting, hydrochemistry studies and drilling supervision.

AngloGold Ashanti Australia, Tropicana Gold Mine, WA
Groundwater flow modelling in both a complex sand/silt facies environment and a fractured/ saprock environment.

CSBP, Kwinana, WA
Groundwater flow and solute transport modelling.

Groundwater Modelling

MWES Consulting have developed numerical groundwater flow models using MODFLOW software on several water supply and mine dewatering projects:
· Tampakan Copper-Gold Project, Philippines
· Siana Gold Project, Philippines
· Didipio Copper Gold Project, Philippines
· Co Dinh Chromite Project, Vietnam
· Grey Mare, Charlie Roy Valais borefields, Minara Resources, WA.

MWES consulting have also used the SUTRA 2D/3D modelling software to predict movement and recovery of dense contamination plumes as well as energy flow in a geothermal project.

MWES Consulting have conducted surface water and groundwater surveys on various agricultural properties throughout Western Australia. These surveys included estimation of average and peak surface water runoff and water well testing. Surface water runoff and sediment erosion for both agricultural and urban projects can be modelled using the following software:
· SWMM – Storm Water Management Modelling
· WEPP – Water Erosion and Run off Prediction
· CLIGEN – Climate Generator Program
· HY8 – Culvert Design and Analyses
· HY22 – Visual Urban Drainage Design
· MapInfo Geographical Information Systems

Hydrogeological Investigations

Breakaway Resources, WA:
Contributions to the Notice of Intent (NOI) for development of the 5A Nickel Project at Spargoville.

BGC Clay Products, WA:
Hydrogeological investigation of a proposed clay quarry.

Green Rock Energy, SA
Management of technical, environmental and heritage issues for a Hot Dry Rock (HDR) geothermal energy project located near Olympic Dam in South Australia. Included geological, geophysical, geotechnical, geothermal, drilling and water supply investigations. Managed a geothermal exploration program.

Geothermal Energy

Green Rock Energy, Central Europe
Exploration for geothermal resources in Hungary. Evaluations of petroleum well test data and seismic defined structures to locate sites suitable for drilling geothermal wells. Review of the geothermal resources, hydrogeology, tectonic history and basin structure of Hungary and immediate surrounding areas.

Green Rock Energy, WA
Exploration for geothermal resources in the Perth and Collie basins. Planning and coordination of geophysical surveys soil sampling, radon gas sampling and shallow drilling surveys. Contributions to successful applications for government grants.