Government Reporting

Aquifer Reviews
MWES have completed numerous reports required to satisfy government requirements, including annual aquifer summaries, triennial aquifer reviews and risk assessment reports.

Operating Strategies
In Western Australian, the Department of Water (DoW) requires each holder of a groundwater allocation licence to prepare and utilise an approved operating strategy. This is a key document that sets out objectives, sampling frequencies and the monitoring sites. The main objectives of the strategy are to protect the groundwater resource, other users and the environment.

Compliance Assessment
Assessment of compliance to an operating strategy is the main requirement of an aquifer review.


Contamination Assessments

Groundwater & Surface Water Contamination Assessments
MWES have considerable experience and expertise detecting, monitoring and remediating contaminated groundwater and surface water. Contaminated groundwater is often detected early using key triggers such as water salinity, acidity and sulphate concentration.

TSF Seepage Assessments & Remediation
Tailings storage facilities (TSF) and other water storage structures are prone to seep. Early detection of seepage, modelling of seepage rates and design of groundwater recovery borefields are part of MWES’s core capabilities.

Protection of GDEs
Groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs) can be impacted by both the rate and magnitude of groundwater drawdown. These can be caused by mine dewatering operations or by seeping water storage structures or by mounding caused by alterations to the landscape. MWES can provide effective monitoring strategies to protect GDEs and can install mitigation schemes if required.


Public Environmental Reviews

Groundwater & Surface Water Studies
MWES have provided contributions to several public environmental reviews (PERs), particularly for the uranium and minerals sands industries. An understanding of the surface water and groundwater environments and prediction of impacts on the resource, other users and the environment is critical in this assessment.

Preliminary Mine Closure Studies
Preliminary mine closure studies are required at the approval stage of a mining operation, as well as at other key development all stages through the mining operation. MWES have particular expertise in planning, costing and implementing closure strategies.