Water Sampling & Monitoring

Water Sampling
MWES are experienced and skilled at water sampling using a wide variety of Australian and International sampling and measurement standards. We specialise in baseline sampling for environmental studies and in both surface water and groundwater sampling. Use of fully calibrated, high quality field instruments are encouraged to save on laboratory costs.

Water Monitoring Programs
MWES can set up cost effective, practical and legally defensible monitoring programs for surface water and groundwater environments at any mining operation or industrial site. We are experienced in a wide variety of climatic conditions from arid to tropical. Monitoring programs should be reviewed on a periodic basis to determine if they are still cost effective. As more data is collected and trends are analysed, the measurement frequency and number of sample sites can often be reduced.

Pumping Tests
MWES utilise a number of techniques to test bores, measure aquifer properties and to characterise aquifer systems. We are experienced in all types of tests from large-scale pumping tests to small-scale SLUG tests. Testing is a key step before development of a groundwater flow model. The model can predict the overall supply rate from the borefield, determine drawdown trends and predict impacts on other users and the environment.


Mine Dewatering

Mine Dewatering
MWES have substantial experience and expertise at planning, implementing and monitoring mine dewatering schemes in all geological environments.

Mine Depressurisation
Depressurisation, as with dewatering is a key element in effective mine dewatering schemes. Pit wall stability often requires depressurisation of low permeability materials using sub-horizontal drainage holes.

Pits & Underground Mines
MWES have worked on both open pit and underground mining operations. Issues solved have been mine dewatering, depressurisation, wall stability, inrush-potential and mine water disposal options.

Mine Water Disposal
Groundwater quality and quantities are predicted to determine possible re-use or disposal options for mine water.


Modelling & Water Balance

Water Supplies & Mine Dewatering
MWES use the GoldSim platform to complete mine site water balances and particularly specialise in tailings storage facilities (TSF), open pits, hydrochemical studies and borefields.

Competitive Water Supply Solutions
Groundwater flow modelling is often required to determine potential impacts of groundwater pumping on neighbouring bores and sensitive aquatic environments. MWES have particular expertise at determining the impact of mining operations on groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs).

Whole Site Water Balance
Water balance studies using the GoldSim platform can be completed using a variety of interval data, generally daily and monthly. Water balances can be considerably accurate using daily climatic and pumping data or can be simplified using average annual data.

Surface Water Flow Modelling
MWES have experience and expertise modelling surface water flows in arid environments, dominated by infrequent storm events and tropical environments, where rainfall is substantial.

Culvert & Bund Wall Conceptual Designs
Understanding surface water flows allow MWES to provide conceptual designs for culverts and bund walls at mine sites.