Water Resources

Groundwater Exploration
MWES have a long history of exploration and development of groundwater supply borefields for mining operations. Geophysical methods have been shown to provide a successful and effective targeting method, reducing the number of exploration holes required to map the highest quality, most productive aquifer systems.

Borefield Design & Development
Borefields are designed using MWES’s considerable experience and expertise. Cost effective exploration drilling, efficient and durable production bore designs and effective monitoring strategies are available from MWES.

Borefield Maintenance
Understanding groundwater quality will determine the potential for corrosion, encrustation and physical wear in a groundwater production bore. These factors are the key to setting up a maintenance program for the borefield. MWES have completed numerous tests to characterise the efficiency of bores and have implemented various rehabilitation schemes.


Feasibility Studies

Conceptual to Bankable Mine Feasibility Studies
MWES have provided contributions to mine feasibility studies for groundwater and surface water components at various sites and for closure studies. Through our various engineering and environmental partners, we can provide complete feasibility studies from the conceptual level to the final bankable level.


Risk Assessments

Environmental Risk Assessments
Many water problems can be solved using a risk-based approach. MWES specialise in providing solutions to water and environmental issues that are measured, practical and have real outcomes.